High-grade ground materials

When it comes to processing used plastic materials and turning them into raw materials for new products, the possibilities are endless. The plastics are prepared for reuse at our location in Veghel. KRN is a firm believer in the benefits of advance sorting. By grinding similar plastics together, the quality of the plastic is maintained.

We offer ground materials of various plastic types, such as PP, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PS, and PA.

The specifications of our ground materials include;

⦁    Plastic type
⦁    Colour 
⦁    Quality (mechanical properties)
⦁    Composition 
⦁    MFI (Melt Flow Index)
⦁    EFSA standard

A new destination

Depending on the client's preferences, we consider possible new applications for these materials. For example, we can return the end product or raw materials to the customer, thus completing the cycle. Any plastics we do not return to the client are turned into granulate and sold to third parties.