KRN strives to realise a circular economy: a closed cycle in which waste is reintroduced into the economy in the form of high-grade raw materials for new products. To bring this about, we track the materials throughout the process. That way, we can sort them accurately, test them extensively and return high-quality granulate. High-grade recycled materials can be used to produce sustainable products, thus completing the cycle.

Sustainable & circular cooperation

The KRN approach is also based on circularity. The primary gains are in the area of sustainable energy use. On top of that, we are happy to lend our thoughts when it comes to transport solutions to prevent CO2 emissions wherever possible. If necessary, we can come to you to pick up the products. Thanks to the KRN Mobile Recycling Service, we can even reduce materials on site. The shredded materials are then taken to KRN for further processing. We can sell the granulate or return it to you, so you can reuse it: a win-win situation for you and for the world!

KRN also aims for circular partnerships. We want to cooperate with our partners and clients to create an optimally circular product. That way, we can reduce the earth's plastic footprint together and move towards a brighter future. We can proudly state that KRN's activities are fully circular!