Flexible transport and storage solutions

The removal of plastic products does not have to be expensive if you let Kunststof Recycling Nederland handle it for you. Every day, our trucks follow fixed routes to collect plastic waste all over the country. This allows us to be flexible with our logistical planning. If, for example, you have received a large order that results in a ton of waste, Kunststof Recycling Nederland can pick this waste up quickly and at a competitive rate. Will you need the raw material on short notice? We will ensure that it gets back to you quickly.


KRN processes plastic (waste) products at two locations in Veghel. That means that we can also handle storage for you. Large and unused plastic products or ugly piles of used plastic on your property will be a thing of the past. Your company will seem cleaned up and environmentally conscious. Kunststof Recycling Nederland processes the post-consumer plastics at a later date and prepares them for the production of new raw material.