The modern plastic waste container does not have an unlimited service life. There will come a point at which they need to be replaced. Kunststof Recycling Nederland offers an intelligent solution to process this voluminous waste product. We can easily remove old waste containers for you, regardless of whether you have small or large containers (up to 1,700 litres) or small or large quantities (up to thousands of items). The old containers are recycled, allowing them to be reused in the form of raw material.

It is also possible for us to reduce the waste containers on-site. With a fully self-supporting mobile machine we can process voluminous products into a final product 25 to 100 millimetres in size. Would you like to know more about this service? Please visit the Mobile Recycling Services page.

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Waste collection points

More and more consumers are consciously separating their waste. The hard plastics which consumers deliver to waste collection points result in a so-called mixed stream. Kunststof Recycling Nederland offers municipalities and waste collection points a practical solution. We have an efficient logistical network that allows us to quickly and sustainably process your waste stream at an affordable rate!

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