Large products? Choose Mobile Recycling Services

KRN Mobile Recycling Services processes and reduces various types of waste on-site. Our mobile machine is completely self-supporting and can process voluminous products into a final product 25 to 100 millimetres in size. During processing, all the iron is filtered out of the material. The processed material can also easily be sorted or separated in bigbags or containers. Since the waste is processed on-site, you can save up to 80% on your transport costs. The reduced CO2  emission is another advantage of our mobile service.

Processing shredded material

We take any waste that is left over to our factory in Veghel. Here, the material is further reduced, washed, dusted, demetallised, dried and packaged. The final product can be delivered back to you as a clean raw material. You can also let Kunststof Recycling Nederland purchase it from you.