This is KRN

Kunststof Recycling Nederland (KRN) in Veghel specialises in processing hard plastic waste. With efficient and practical solutions, we make sure that your waste is recycled in a sustainable and cost-reducing manner. Due to a recent expansion of our capacity we are now able to process both single streams (one type of plastic) and mixed streams (multiple types of plastic). Large, voluminous products are processed on-site with KRN Mobile Recycling Services.

Working together on sustainable solutions

KRN operates in the spirit of sustainability. Although our clients are diverse, they have one thing in common: everyone chooses a sustainable solution to reduce the amount of plastic waste. When you choose Kunststof Recycling Nederland, you choose a partner that thinks along with you and aspires to innovate. We handle precious raw materials sensibly. We can all work together to reduce wastefulness. After all: creating a sustainable environment is a joint effort!